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It is the best in class debt investment with zero correlation to the equity market which gives you both regular dividends and appreciation and had the highest leverage compared to any financial vehicles considering inflation.

Yes, the funds must be transferred from NRE/NRO account.

Although there are NO guaranteed returns but we project returns between 8% to 20%.

Yield in rental is the return that you can expect through renting the property. Which is calculated as the yearly income generated by renting a property divided by the amount invested in acquiring that property.

We charge professional fees from both buyer and seller in lieu with the market standards.

There is no fee for signing up. It is free.

Ideally investment in Real Estate is a long-term commitment.

To register you need to fill up the required information on the portal.

Both buyer and seller, with the investment objective to generate returns above the risk- free rate.

Yes, we have a real time status tracker integrated in our portal through which you can track the progress.

No, initial few steps are online and then we have direct interaction.

There are various stages starting from investors registration till closure of the deal which includes initial phase on online information and when the parties agree we move to physical interaction. All the stages of transaction can be viewed through LIVE TRACKER in the dashboard.

We have a strong privacy policy in place and we make sure your personal data are fully secured.

No, its NOT related to market

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